Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Resume writers will evaluate your resume/and other information you provide to understand your strengths and capabilities. The focus of the resume writing exercise is to help you secure more interviews. The resume writing service from Righthererecruit, is available for all levels of experience.

So no matter where in your career you are, our expert Resume writers with their industry experience and writing skills, craft a document that will highlight best of your experience and present it in a readable format. Our Resume writers will focus on the industry you are targeting.

They will emphasize on your professional skills and achievements that make you right candidate for the job. They will also play down any thing that could be perceived as a negative, such as, breaks in experience or education or a change in industry.

Importantly, they will promote you as an individual suitable for the role, instead of being just a document filled with jargon and keywords.

Benefits Of Resume Writing:

  • Resume looks lengthy given your career level and objective
  • Paragraphs & bullet points are not aligned appropriately in your resume
  • Type of bullet points appears consistent all over your resume
  • Font type and size are not consistent across the resume
  • Resume has most suitable words and does not contain any commonly miss-spelt words
  • Resume seems to have incomplete number of sections. It is suggested that you add a few more to improve the readability of your
  • You have quantified very few achievements in your resume. It is recommended that you do so to add more reliability to your Achievements
  • Your resume does not carry your skill set. It is suggested that you include it in your resume and verify your skills in work experience to highlight your areas of specialization properly.